/ˈfaɪə / (say 'fuyuh)

1. the active principle of burning or combustion, manifested by the evolution of light and heat.
2. a burning mass of material, as on a hearth or in a furnace.
3. the destructive burning of a building, town, forest, etc.; a conflagration.
4. a composition or device for producing a conflagration or a fiery display: Greek fire.
5. flashing light; luminous appearance.
6. brilliance, as of a gem.
7. burning passion; ardour; enthusiasm: *I drink you with my sight / and I am filled with fire. –judith wright, 1949.
8. vigour; energy.
9. liveliness of imagination.
10. fever; inflammation.
11. severe trial or trouble.
12. heating quality, as of strong drink.
13. Aboriginal English a means of lighting a cigarette, such as a match or a lighter: you got fire?
14. a spark or sparks.
15. the discharge of firearms: enemy fire.
16. the effect of firing military weapons: to rain fire on the enemy.
17. Poetic a luminosity or glow resembling fire: stars and the fires of heaven.
verb (fired, firing)
verb (t)
18. to set (something) on fire, usually for a specific purpose: Aboriginal people used to fire the bush when hunting.
19. to supply (a furnace, etc.) with fuel; attend to the fire of (a boiler, etc.).
20. to expose to the action of fire; subject to heat.
21. to apply heat to in a kiln for baking or glazing; burn.
22. to heat very slowly for the purpose of drying, as tea.
23. to inflame, as with passion; fill with ardour.
24. Also, fire up. to inspire: the music fired his imagination; the news has really fired her up.
25. to light or cause to glow as if on fire.
26. to discharge, as a gun.
27. to project (a missile) by discharging from a gun, etc.
28. to subject to explosion or explosive force, as a mine.
a. to dismiss (an employee) from a job.
b. to cease to have dealings with (a company providing a service).
30. Veterinary Science to apply a heated iron to (the skin) in order to create a local inflammation of the superficial structures, thus favourably affecting deeper inflammatory processes.
verb (i)
31. to take fire; be kindled.
32. to glow as if on fire.
33. to become inflamed with passion; become excited.
34. to perform with enthusiasm and flair.
35. to go off, as a gun.
36. to discharge a gun, etc.: *The light horsemen, firing with fearful accuracy, shot the column to a standstill and then to silence. –anon, guide to australian war memorial, 1953.
37. to hurl a missile.
38. (of an internal-combustion engine) to cause ignition of the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder or cylinders.
39. to perform extremely well, successfully, and vigorously: the team really fired in the second half.
40. between two fires, being attacked from both sides.
41. catch fire, to become ignited.
42. fire away, (usually in the imperative) Colloquial to begin speaking: fire away – I'm listening.
43. fire up,
a. to start up (an internal-combustion engine).
b. to start up (any device with an engine or motor, as a computer, blender, etc.).
c. to inspire.
d. Colloquial to become enraged.
44. firing on all cylinders, Colloquial performing exceptionally well.
45. go through fire and water, to face any hardship or danger.
46. hang fire, to delay taking an action or accepting something. {Phrase Origin: from the use of fire arms, with reference to a delay in the weapon firing}
47. lay a fire, to arrange fuel to be lit.
48. on fire,
a. ignited; burning.
b. eager; ardent; zealous.
49. play with fire, to meddle carelessly or lightly with a dangerous matter.
50. set on fire or set fire to,
a. to cause to burn.
b. to excite violently; inflame.
51. take fire,
a. to become ignited.
b. to become filled with enthusiasm or zeal.
52. under fire,
a. exposed to enemy fire.
b. under criticism or attack.
{Middle English; Old English fȳr; distantly related to Greek pyr; def. 29a originally US (1880s) from an earlier colloquial use meaning `to eject (a person) bodily from a place'}
fireable, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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